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Unicode Goes Mobile

Market demand, SAPS requirements and the need for data and application mobility motivated the Zonke-Unicode team to develop the Unicode Information System on a “mobile” platform.

The system enables the “accredited & registered” user to access the Unicode Information System and enquire on-line on any vehicle, either in their portfolio or, depending on access level, across the Unicode Data base.

Additionally the system enables the user to scan the 2D barcode on either the licence disc of a vehicle or the original registration document for on-site vehicle verification.

The system once again provides for user and management reports, per operation / day / user / location / vehicle enquired and also identifies the user and their exact location. All these applications are accessed through Unicode’s Access Control and data security systems.

Although the application was primarily designed for SAPS field investigations, it is already widely used by private sector accredited and cleared investigators in a various environments including vehicle pounds, salvage yards and field investigations.

At Zonke-Unicode we continue to strive to provide you, our users, with the latest technology and applications availing, ease of use, ease of access, data security, data integrity at the point of investigation thus increasing your efficiency and productivity at marginal cost.

Contact us to install your Unicode Mobile. Currently available on IOS and Android.